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Project Management: Tools and Trade-offs download

Project Management: Tools and Trade-offs download

Project Management: Tools and Trade-offs by Ted Klastorin

Project Management: Tools and Trade-offs

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Project Management: Tools and Trade-offs Ted Klastorin ebook
Page: 272
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0471413844, 9780471413844
Format: pdf

Organizations like PMI, Scrum Alliance, ICAgile and others who are trying to grab a slice of the Agile market are like parasites feeding off the souls of people who really care about change in the world. Project software as a tool for modeling alternatives. No matter what you try, you just don't have enough people, time, money or tools to release a product when management wants it released, with the requested features and without too many defects. Each of these tools helps supply project managers with a solid Written in down-to-earth plain language, the book offers an examination of the real world trade-offs and decision making tools for getting things done. The idea of selling human work hours reminds me a little too much of slave trading. This book presents the fundamental concepts of project management in a concise fashion with an emphasis on the difficult tradeoffs that must be made by project managers. Project Management Training and Certification. So they made decisions without data on the trade-offs in the project. _The PM provided no data on alternatives for the executive's or client's decision-making. 3547 There is plenty of fault here on both sides. When I last taught a project I have found that when I describe the project tradeoffs to management using these terms and these pictures, they understand why I'm asking for more time or more people or fewer requirements or more schedule. _Both sides proceeded all the way to a detailed plan without a network of measurable business . It is a tragic Project management is the business of managing time, cost, scope, quality, risk, communication, people, procurement, and integration with the rest of the organization. Next time you need to decide between conflicting priorities, try doing these three things:. Most important business decisions require compromise: To do one thing, you have to give up another. Many great tools exist to support those who want to learn the trade, including courses and certification through the Project Management Institute, software, seminars, workshops, and books.