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C# Programmer

C# Programmer

C# Programmer's Handbook. Gregory S. MacBeth

C# Programmer's Handbook

ISBN: 1590592700,9781590592700 | 584 pages | 15 Mb

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C# Programmer's Handbook Gregory S. MacBeth
Publisher: Apress

C# Network Programming 2003.chm. Step-by-step beginners guide to Visual C# 2012. Uncle Bob is one of the giants in our industry. Furthermore, Uncle Bob's advice applies equally to C# and Java devs. We include examples in both C# and VB. C# Class Design Handbook - Coding Effective Classes (Apress, 2003) Chm.rar. The main downside for Java is that most programmers qualify for only a subset of jobs, whereas if you know C#/.NET most Microsoft shops are viable. Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship I picked up dozens of useful bits of advice I use every day. I am not One of my favorite Computer Books is the C++ Programmers Handbook by Kalev. If you are a C or C++ programmer you might be tempted to think of reference types simply as pointers. Software engineering: Software Craftsmanship; Coder to Developer; Code Complete, 2nd Ed; The Pragmatic Programmer; The Passionate Programmer; Apprenticeship Patterns; New Programmer's Survival Handbook; Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code. This drives down rates but contributes to platform Picking a language based on market statistics alone would be like choosing your profession based on the projections in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. While reference types in C# exhibit many similarities to pointers, they provide far more functionality. In C#, all references are strongly typed; you cannot declare a reference variable that refers to one type (such as Circle), and then use the variable to access a block of memory holding a different type. This text is a handbook of instructions written for the programmer or analyst that shows how to insert common algorithmic functions in C# into one's source code. We've also I guess it's big because you have both VB & C# code in the same edition. A list of the best programming books on both object oriented and agile development. For example, in a it is the cause of many insidious programming errors. While the examples in this book are written in Java, they are crystal clear to C# developers (and I'm not just saying that). The flip side is that as C# programmers are more of a commodity. Because C# is my weapon of choice: C# In Depth; Effective C#; CLR via C#.

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